Music For Meditating and Recalibrating

Be uses the seven musical keys that resonate with the human body’s energy centres, or chakras, to help rebalance and enhance a positive state of being. Each composition is designed to bring out the true essence of the corresponding chakra, starting from the root to the crown. Be is perfect for meditating, recalibrating, working, and creating a positive atmosphere in a space.




Pre Sleep


The mind processes our waking experiences while we sleep. I wanted to create an album that prepares the mind for this process. "Pre Sleep" cycles through a set of emotions that revisit the light and darkness in our lives, and prepares the mind for a state of deep self observation. Natural cycles propel the album's composition, sonic textures and patterns into new configurations.

Pre Sleep


Explore 01 is a set of evolving emotional soundscapes designed for those who travel within as much as without.

Explorer 01
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